OR-SIA 2011: K is for Kick Ass

There are certain times in a young(ish) man's life when his thoughts turn toward kicking ass.

This is one of them.

For two weeks in late January and early February, I had the pleasure of helping spread the word around about the new Delirium and Asylum boots from Garmont, which will hit the shelves in F11. Designed by the same pioneering boot design team that started the freeride AT revolution with the game-changing Adrenalin (2005), the new models are clearly poised to upend the old world order of AT.

The Delirium and Asylum are a new breed of boot ... unapologetically designed for uncompromising downhill performance, but incorporating the best uphill technology available in the market today. They come at the task of designing an AT boot from a unique place. A place where power is everything.

The new Delrium and Asylum have it all. They've got race-driven anatomically correct shell designs and performance fit. And they've got hybrid liners that are baby-face plush out of the box, but can also be thermoformed.

They've got high-overlap shell design for perfect power transfer to the medial mid-foot — exactly where you need it to arc and control today’s big skis. And they've got multi-injected insert construction for an exceptionally damp and solid alpine-boot feel.

They've got Quick-Change sole sets that are compatible with all fixed-heel binding norms, and can be changed in a flash. And they've got a Bomber Easy³ Magnesium Ski/Walk Mechanism with multiple forward lean positions that can be quickly and precisely adjusted with a single hex bolt.

They've got the ability to drive the biggest skis on the biggest terrain on the biggest days. And they've got the ability to turn around and skin back up to do it again.

In other words, they've got the ability to kick ass.

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