OR-SIA 2011: L is for the Lusty Lady

As noisy as a packed bar during Fleet Week, but as bright as an Elementary School cafeteria, the snowboard section at SIA is the definition of sensory overload.

Dudes in banana outfits? Check. Publicly traded Volcomers blocking the aisle? Check. Young man covered in cotton candy? Check. GirlTalk coming from every third booth? Check. Check. Check.

But in this very noisy place, there are moments of quiet joy as well. Like the Ride Snowboards booth.

An homage to strippage, the Seattle-based snowboard brand unveiled a booth architecture "inspired" by the Emerald City's legendary peep show, the Lusty Lady. While a very small percentage of Seattle-ites have ever been inside the Lusty Lady, just about everybody's cruised past it at some point and chuckled at their witty marquee.

Ride did a pretty good job with their booth's mini-marquee, but here are some clips from the Lady herself.

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