OR-SIA 2011: M is for Movement Skis

They came, they saw, they flexed.

The record-breaking crowd of retailers at January’s SIA Snow Show made Movement Skis one of their top stops of the week-long event, taking time out of their packed schedules to check in with the new Rocky Mountain-based team.

And while retailers checked in with the new faces behind the brand – which relocated its North American base to Colorado in early January -- they did what any other card-carrying, red-blooded American skier would do in the presence of am impressive array of big mountain freeride and freestyle skis.

They fondled them.

“The most common thing we heard in the booth was ‘I can’t wait to ski these.’ We must’ve heard that a couple hundred times,” said Jonathan Degenhardt, brand manager for Movement Skis. “There’s no doubt that there’s huge demand out there what Movement has to offer."

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