Flashback: 1980

The tight jeans, the blowdrier hair, the badass 10 mpg American cars, guys who still liked to get punched in the face, and guys who actually competed in a thing called ski ballet.

Welcome to the early 1980s.

Cold Splinters put it in my head today, after posting a link to a throwback photo gallery from Aspen (1981). It rung true, not just because it was a pure moment-in-time captured on film, but because it's that precise moment that still lives on for a lot of ski bums in mountain towns everywhere.

The proof isn't just in the epic fight scene from "Any Which Way You Can," (filmed in the town square of Jackson, Wyo, ... something that could never be done today), it's in the style and fashion of the legendary "Hot Dog," which came to screens a few years later in 1984.

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