10 Wicked Things You Missed @ Outdoor Retailer .... #9, Stainless Steel Keg Cups

Two epic lines wound around the Patagonia booth for the giveaway, with a $5 donation going to Yvon's cause du jour. All for a relatively simple thing: stainless steel keg cups, tagged with the phrase of "Ditch Single Use Plastic & Protect Habitat for All Species."

The things were clearly the red hot shwag of the show, as texts and phone calls were being made from the line ("yes, the Patagonia booth, NOW"), and there was a pure and unadulterated sense of stoke from folks as they made it to the front of the line before supplies ran out.

I walked away with two of my own cups.

Getting conventioneers (and frat boys) to ditch plastic cups for a $19.95 steel pint glass isn't exactly going to put and end to malnourishment and water pollution in developing countries. It's not going to permanently shift our over-consuming culture into a lower more sustainable gear. And it's certainly not going to halt the onslaught of climate change, and preserve critical habitat areas.

But hey, it's a start.

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