You had me at 'foolhardy'

Ten thousand dollars isn't a lot of money for the 1%.

But it's definitely a lot of cash for a ski bum with the a crappy summer job.

Or a kayaker living on the floor of his "girlfriend's" rental.  Or a climber with a 1992 Subaru Legacy (blue book value: $1850).

Seeking a "smart, creative, and (perhaps) slightly foolhardy project" that's worth putting in the pages of the magazine, Outside is looking for submissions to their first annual Adventure Grant.   

Their examples include sailing a homemade raft down the Hudson River, walking a perfectly straight line across Canada's Prince Edward Island, and paddling a canoe from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine.  

Our examples include:

* Skiing all the 14ers in leather chaps and lingerie.

* Take Mark Cuban on an expedition to the South Pole.   Leave him there.

* Circumnavigate Boulder County on a unicycle without passing a dispensary, a white guy with dreadlocks, or any former members of the Subdudes or Samples.

* Steal a lock of Laird Hamilton's chest hair, and use it to stop the war in Afghanistan.

* Singlehandedly bring back Rollerblading.

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