Top 10 perks of living in the Seattle of Vermont

10.  Only 124 hours until we start tailgating for the Broncos-Pats game.

9.   Childhood dream of making a million dollars in the windshield wiper fluid business inching closer to reality.

8.  Dog poop in yard finally reaching that gelatinous can't-be-picked up stage.

7.  Prancercise.

6.  Two-for-one tanning night at Hair Force One.

5.  Guilt-free Dark Roast binging.

4.   Phish's 'Round Room' has stopped totally sucking.

3.  State troopers too sluggish to pull you over for that 4-month overdue vehicle inspection.

2.  No-pants Mad Bus day!

1.  Could be worse.   You could be Roger Hill.

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  1. Why did I click on the prancercise link?...My eyes...The horror