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Something familiar

There’s something familiar here that really came to me yesterday during a sanity walk. The waiting. The dread of checking.  The constant bad news cycle. The emotional roller coaster.   Spring of 2020 is creating ... for anyone who’s been through it or near it ... a wave of emotional carnage that is very much like having cancer.  My own experience is more than a decade in the rear view mirror. But a few things immediately leap to mind from that era, as they are tips I given other cancer adventurers over the years. And they seem to be way too appropriate to not share. 1) Don’t do independent web research: This was one of the first things my oncologist told me, and it holds true today. Steer clear of a deep dive into the virus-rumor bowels of the Internet.  Stick to the basics. 2) Avoid statistics:  Focus on health, not numbers that are out of your control. 3) Perfect the art of waiting:   During a cancer adventure, you spend a remarkable amount of time waiting. Waiting fo

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