Make mine a double

The Mad River Glen board is recommending refurbishing the famed "Single Chair" instead of replacing it with a double.

It's an interesting philosophical wedge ... would you rather stand in line with a bunch of people, or be skiing with a bunch of people.

The shareholders will vote on April 2 to make the final decision.


Study: Fully contained fish farms still infect neighboring wild salmon

Today's must read:

"... fish farms are such prodigious producers of parasites that juvenile fish become very heavily infested just by swimming near them."

LINK: Fish Farms Tied in Study to Imperiling Wild Salmon:


Just because I fished with you today ...

Apparently, women are this year's men.

"A Girl’s Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout" helps a woman define her own angling style in the hunt for her trophy trout. This witty, sometimes spicy book dishes information on other fish in the sea to avoid, quality streams to fish (places to meet good men), leader lines to cast (conversation openers) and natural, artificial and exotic lures to utilize. What to do when the fishing hole runs dry, prospects for angling in the later years, trouser trout tips and tall tales of trout landed or lost round out this quirky, yet informative guide to successful dating “fishing” excursions..."

A Girl’s Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout: Book Uses Fly-Fishing as Hilarious Metaphor for Finding Mr. Right This Spring

Oil Drilling in Alaska -- Americans finally speak out!!

..."At least now we'll see the area destroyed in 10 short years instead of watching global warming do it over a painful, drawn-out 40."

..."But where will there be pristine and untouched wonders left for me to drive my GMC Yukon through?"

...."They're drilling in the Alaskan wilderness? That's too bad. Someone really ought to look into passing laws to put such places under federal protection so this doesn't happen again."

..."This can't be true. Bush described himself as an environmental guardian last fall, and I've seen photos of him standing in front of trees."



Vermont vs Syracuse, 7:15 pm, est

Third time at the Dance
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yes ... i am aware that it's not outdoorsy, or wicked, or possbile that it'll get linked to the Piton.

no .... i don't care.


Noah's list

Noah Wight ... owner of the Crested Butte RSN affiliate, and a celebrated man of the mountains ... recently was in a ski accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. He is currently undergoing treatment in Denver at Craig Hospital, one of the finest spinal facilities in the world.

It's an extreme physical challenge, with rough emotional highs and lows. But it's also a costly one.

To support Noah and his young family, RSN is rallying to run a massive media benefit from late March to mid-May. They're looking for product to raffle off ... anything you've got ... and will give every supporter as much love as they can. There'll be TV ads, web ads, live TV throwbacks ... all sending people to a PayPal registration site at RSN.com.

If you've got the stuff, please send me an email as soon as you can ... drew@madriver.com.



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Part Steve McQueen,
Part Teletubbie,
but all Porter Fox.
LINK: Men's Journal


Groomers, anyone?

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From Teton Gravity Research, a remarkable account of Tanner Hall's epic, ankle-shattering crash: "... he rag dolled about 100 feet and when he came to a rest he started screaming like bloody murder that he had broken his ankles. His screams for help were downright chilling in their prolonged anguish and pain..."




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"Ahhh Jackson Hole, where ambition goes to die ..."

- Pete Kray


Judgement Day

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When the signs of the apocalypse are all pointing toward Judgement Day ...

... it's time to move to Vermont because the forecast is always wrong there.

Ski sharp!


Nor'easters return in time for Mad River Glen Telemark Festival

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Up to 14" predicted for Wednesday, followed by a return smash on Friday afternoon.

Bring the big sticks.


24 Hours of Climbing set for April 22-23

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To benefit Thailand rock climbing communities impacted by the recent tsunami, the first-ever 24 Hours of Climbing fundraiser is set for April 22-23, at the Vertical World climbing gym in Redmond, Wash.

Organizers are looking for Seattle-area participants as well as national sponsors.

Even cooler ... they're looking for other climbing organizations throughout the country that want to run a similar event at the same time.

If you want to know why Thai rock climbing is such a big deal, grab the March issue of "OUTSIDE" and turn to page 99.

If you want to check in with "24 hours of climbing" organizers, give Blake Lewis at CreativethatCares a call at 425-649-5289.


After polarization ...

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Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Before polarization ...

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The power of polarized lenses is truly an amazing thing. Check out the following photo, seen WITHOUT a pair of Smith Action Optics legendary polarized sunglasses.

What is Moldy Chum?

a ... Billy Bob Thornton's new Huey Lewis cover band.
b ... Hunter S. Thompson's favorite libation (dirty martini with an anchovy).
c ... An athlete's foot fungus spread through shared neoprene waders.
d ... An emerging source for potentially useless fish minutae and bad fishing jokes.