Once upon a skier

once upon a skier
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Johnny Mosely will host ABC's "Master of Champions" show, earning him an honorary nomination to Slacker of the Year.

Keep those nominees rolling in, and quit getting distracted by all the love going to the Millenials ... like the OIA's kickoff speaker for OR, author of the clearly anti-Slacker "Millenials Rising." Check out this anti-Slacker blurb from his webpage:.

"... in Millennials Rising, the authors show how today's teens are recasting the image of youth from downbeat and alienated (i.e, SLACKERS) to upbeat and engaged. The authors also show... how Millennials are held to higher standards than adults apply to themselves (i.e. SLACKERS) … how they're a lot less violent, vulgar, and sexually charged than the teen culture older people (i.e, SLACKERS) are producing for them … how, over the next decade, they’ll entirely recast what it means to be young (i.e. unlike the SLACKERS) … and how, in time, they could emerge as the next great generation (ie, clearly not like the SLACKERS).

I'd write more, but Breakfast with Wimbledon is on.

Slacker out.

LINK: Johnny used to ski
LINK: Your OIA Industry Breakfast Speaker, author of "Millenials Rising"


Mother Angelina & Africa

Want to be surprised? No ... really surprised.

Check out the results of the Humanitarian Youth Culture Study (Label Networks) and match them to the Boomer-dominated advocacy agenda currently embraced by the Outdoor Industry. There's some overlap, for sure, but in general you've got to see these as refreshingly eye-opening results.

Name the greatest environmental or humanitarian hero:
** 16.6% Bono;
** 7.8% Gandhi;
** 6.5% Angelina Jolie;
** 5.8% Mother Theresa + David Suzuki;
** 4.4% Al Gore + Captain Planet

Would you be more willing to buy a specific brand if you knew that the brand donated a percentage of profits to non-profit organizations?
** 64.5% Yes
** 30.9% Maybe

Who do you think can make a bigger difference in the world?
** 77.2% Corporations;
** 22.7% Politicians

Generally, are you worried about the state of the environment?
** 49.2% Somewhat worried about the environment;
** 43.5% Very Worried

What concerns you the most about the environment?
** 34.2% Gas Alternatives;
** 31.6% Global Warming;
** 10.1% Cleaner Cities;
** 8.8% Cleaner Oceans + Rivers

What best describes how you feel about the United States in terms of the environment?
** 43.7% Our government is messing up with the environment + our future;
** 40.1% We should do more to save our environment;
** 4.6% I don’t really care

When it comes to humanitarian problems, what concerns you the most?
** 22.3% Poverty;
** 15.9% War;
** 14.2% AIDS;
** 13.2% Lack of Education;
** 10.5% Teen Suicide

Do you think about Poverty in America or other parts of the world?
** 42.2% Yes, I think about it;
** 30.7% Yes I think about it sometimes;
** 24.1% Yes I think about it all the time and I want to do something about it

Which country or continent do you think needs the most assistance in terms of humanitarian help?
** 76.8% Africa

Which best describes your perception of Africa’s problems?
** 26.6% We need to fight the AIDS crisis there;
** 24.9% If we help Africa, then we are helping all of us in the end;
** 18.1% We need to educate more people;
** 17% We need to stop poverty

If you could spend your time volunteering, which project would you like to work on the most?
** 13.2% Youth Suicide;
** 13.1% Big brother/Big sister;
** 12.1% Animal Rights

LINK: The Humanitarian Youth Culture Study by Label Networks

SLACKER OF THE YEAR nominations trickling in

Just a day after a call for entries to the first-ever, first-annual, first-of-a-kind "Slacker of the Year" awards ... entries are trickling in faster than a Nordic walker on Ambien.

Maybe the Slackers are still on the couch, desperately seeking World Cup coverage. Maybe they're on the front porch playing "punch buggy" for bong hits. Maybe they're distracted by the news coverage about Rush Limbaugh getting caught in Palm Beach with a fistful of Viagra and no Rx. Yeah, that's it.

LINK: Limbaugh on the rise


Now Accepting Nominations for SLACKER OF THE YEAR

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Pale Morning Media LLC is now accepting nominations for the first annual "Slacker of the Year" awards.

The first annual e-award competition will reward the winner with virtual online fame and a traveling trophy to be awarded at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer show.

Candidates may come from any related field in the Outdoor Industry media sphere -- including public relations professionals, consumer staff writers, trade writers, freelance writers, in-house media managers, sponsored athletes, and other categories we haven't thought of yet.

Candidates must be true "Generation X" members in all senses of the word ... born between 1961-1981, and exhibiting as many of Wikipedia's slackerly characteristics as possible:

"(Slacker applies) generally to young people who, wary of the materialistic, success-driven values of their society, reject those values by intentionally underachieving at school, work or both. Slacker culture challenges prevalent capitalistic values, specifically the Protestant work ethic."

Send all nominations to drew@madriver.com.

And please ... for the love of all things slackerly ... no Boomers.


The A-Team

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The Primal Quest adventure race begins later this week ... a nasty affair that strands you in Utah for an extended period of time to fend for yourself amid the heat, the miles of walking, and the lack of decent brew pubs along the way .... No, wait, that's the OR show.

Check out the roster of Team Bulleit, the new A-Team on the Primal Quest block..

Jon Dorn .... as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith
Stephen Regenold ... as Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck #2
Roy Wallach .... as Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock


And one more

#7 ... Head blogger for Snickers & Burton Snowboards: All the candy the mouth (and eye) can handle.

LINK: � Snickers & Burton Hire Blogger


Busted ! And a few more

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You name it .... blogger, pr guy, freelance writer ... we're all taken to task in this one. Did Bing forget a few?

6. Publisher of the Drake: When in hell does that magazine come out, really?
5. PR guy for Arc Teryx: Please, will somebody tell the NY Times to quit calling? They're interrupting my magnet therapy.
4. Communications Manager for Aspen/Snowmass: Trying to convice the beautiful people to come hang out with other beautiful people in a beautiful place can be so tiring.
3. Contributing Editor for Powder: So Cal was icky. I had to move to Telluride.
2. Editorial director of Ski Press World: Have I told you about my dog today?
1. Owner of Pale Morning Media: Let's see.... I think SPF30 will be just right.



1% for sushi-grade tuna

It would be easy to poke a little fun at 1% for the Tetons … pointing out that the “cash-strapped” locals are gazillionaires by land, and that long-term sustainability for most of the valley includes ensuring daily flights of Stilton and sushi-grade tuna.

But they did it … and that’s what matters in the coming sustainability boom. It’s a far cry from NIMBYism and throwing up barriers to whatever comes your way. It’s about “do” as opposed to “don’t.”

Sustainability includes growth, and figuring out how to grow smart. (That’s why it’s going to be a boom). When I heard that Yvon Chouinard suggested closing the Jackson Hole airport as the first step to sustainability in the Teton area … I realized he might not be the right poster child for this one.

Sustainability is not environmentalism. It’s not about preserving wild spaces and free range habitat. It’s about connectivity. It’s about maximizing the ability of people to live near other eachother. And it’s about creating a willingness for change.

Certainly, there is significant crossover between the forces of green and the drivers of the sustainability movement, but there’s a fair amount of doubt as to whether greens are the right foot soldiers. Greens are hardwired to react. Sustainers, to be successful, must act before they’re needed.

I heard a UVM professor speak the other day, commenting sharply on the current Middle East situation and our reliance on foreign oil. “We can either share, change, or fight.” He added, with no irony at all: “and I don’t see Americans sharing anytime soon.”

While it’s clear that we’re perfectly willing to fight – the question of sustainability is are we willing to change? Are we willing to talk to our neighbors about the best way to do it? And are we willing to find the middle ground that must be found?

That’s sustainability. Good luck to 1% for the Tetons.



Brits more healthy than Yanks

This just in.

The British are more healthy than Americans. They're more active, they eat less junk food, they eat less in general, and ... damn it, they're funnier.

Check this out: "Even when obesity, drinking, smoking and social levels are taken into account, the difference between the two nations is significant."

So ...the lesson for today is ... Great Britain's fat, overweight, smokers are in better shape than ours. Sounds like a challenge to me.

And now for something compleltely different.



Idaho delivers the next James Watt

"A true conservationist with a track record to prove it," said President George Bush of Dirk Kempthorne, our new Secretary of the Interior.

Olive Garden
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On the right, the record is all about not screwing up Idaho hunting and fishing grounds ... according to the Outdoor Wire, as Governor "he managed Idaho's 30 state parks and recreational trails. He proved himself to be an outstanding steward of his state's open spaces. He launched a statewide initiative to fund improvements in the state's parks and public spaces. He created the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. He established the Governor's Office of Species Conservation."

LINK: The Outdoor Wire

From the left, the picture is more about anti-environmentalism ... According to Slate, "during six years in the Senate in the 1990s, Kempthorne scored a "0" on the League of Conservation Voters' legislative scorecards every year except 1993, when Kempthorne scored 6 percent on the basis of one little-remembered vote against funding a rocket booster for the space program that environmentalists judged harmful to the environment.:

Also ... "Knight Ridder's Seth Borenstein reported June 23 that in the two years after Kempthorne became governor of Idaho, the state increased toxic emissions by 2 percent—this during a period when the national average declined by 9 percent. The chief of staff for Idaho's Department of Environmental Quality told Borenstein that environmental inspections were at "a bare-bones minimum" aimed only at staying in compliance with a state court order. Kempthorne did battle with EPA Administrator Christie Whitman over an Idaho Superfund cleanup, at one point threatening to evict EPA officials from the state."


25 years and going strong

Looking back, it seems a shame that we're not celelbrating all the other top anniversaries heading into the big 25 for OR, like ...

* the 20th anniversary of zero recycling!
* the 18th anniversary of the original show uniform: stand-up shorts, strap sandals, and a button up with a Sharpie stain in the front pocket!
* the 15th anniversary of fortified smoothies!
* the 10th anniversary of sitting on nasty carpet to eat a show burrito with the worlds weakest forks!
* the 8th anniversary of an F5 tornado that finally got Sulli to stop talking about soft shells.
* the 5th anniversary of the extreme gardening shoe revolution!
* the 3rd anniversary of the "i'm so green, you look blue" movement!
* the 2nd anniverary of Brian Bennett's second marriage to blogging!

I'm sure there's more ... send 'em my way!

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What I know

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Late last November, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIb colon cancer. I had open abdominal surgery in early December, and began a 12-dose regimen of FOLFOX chemotherapy not long after that.

In less than two weeks, I’ll get my final dose, and then will begin a couple years of semi-annual screening. Things look good, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Outdoor Retailer show more than I have in a decade.

Occasionally throughout the last six months, I’ve been asked how this experience has changed me – and to be honest, I don’t really know the full extent of it yet.

I do know that without the help from my family and community, and without the kindness and flexibility of my clients – Kelty, Horny Toad, Smith, Northern Outdoors – this would have been a much more challenging ordeal. As if you needed a better excuse to buy one of their products, all of these companies have been extraordinarily kind.

I also know that the kind words that have come in from various places in the outdoor industry have been both surprising and incredibly welcome. Sales reps, other PR firms, former co-workers, writers and editors, people who’s job descriptions I don’t even know – their emails, cards, and phone conversations have been the sips of water I’ve needed to reach my goal. It’s hard to express my full gratitude for those small gestures in words.

And I absolutely know that the battle against cancer is one that we all share. After spending a couple hundred hours in the chemo ward, that fact is all too clear. This is not a disease that affects just old people, just smokers, just obese people. It hits everybody, in some way, eventually. Just because we’re generally fit, firm, and silly enough to drink Red Bull and vodka on a regular basis doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be paying attention.

What can we do? Know your family history, get screened appropriately, talk to your doctor, and live strong.

If you have early symptoms, even minor ones – check them out immediately. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this note right now.

Thank you again to every single person that’s reached out to me in the last six months. I sincerely appreciate every single note and call and pat on the back, and look forward to seeing you all again, very soon.

- Drew Simmons

American Cancer Association
Lance Armstrong Foundation
Smith Optics
Horny Toad apparel
Northern Outdoors adventure resort


Pale Morning Media installs used air conditioner

work is the pits
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Waitsfield, VT (June 1, 2006) – After finding a sweat-drenched employee working in Kona bike shorts and nothing else, Pale Morning Media founder Drew Simmons decided it was time to install a used air conditioner in the second-floor barn office.

“It was a decision that came from the gut. I'm a gut guy. I felt it in my gut. My gut told me this was clearly a time for action,” said Simmons, who remained fully clothed during the entire installation process, which took about 10 minutes.

Currently, the Pale Morning Media office -- located in the second floor of a country barn -- is cool, dry, and pleasant. Give us a call at 802.583.6069 and we'll tell you all about it.

Pale Morning Media is a public relations, product publicity, and brand communications firm based in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. People say the weather sucks in New England, but for the most part it’s remarkably beautiful. You get used to the bugs too.