The man

For those of us in the outdoor industry ... a world without Lance is fairly hard to imagine. His image, his resume on the bike, and his legendary health struggles are known by all of us, by heart.

But for a surprisingly large population, the waiting room of a cancer ward is the first time the Lance story is encountered. There are free copies of "It's Not About the Bike," free support materials from the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and free words of inspiration from Cure magazine laying everywhere. And it's impossible to not feel some solace that this man, so well known by so many, was diagnosed with fatal Stage IV cancer.

This fall was the 10th anniversary of Lance's diagnosis. Regardless of the noise that surrounds his professional career, we are all truly lucky to have him on our side.


A new home for Mountain Khakis?

... "The Government and private sector partnership in Dubai has stepped forward to bring Arctic winter experience and winter sports to Dubailand (said to cost AED 18 billion) in a unique project that is estimated to cost more than AED 1 billion. A huge 'ski dome' shall rise from the skyline of Dubai's mega tourism development project. The project will be called 'Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski dome' and will be the first of its kind in the Middle East ... "

" ... the project consists of a dome - a steel structure - that will include a huge revolving ski slope, going through and around an artificial mountain range - created to emphasize the "Arctic Experience" effect. Two huge real-ice columns will mark the entrance to the dome. Within the dome, there will be all kind of Arctic experiences, ranging from Penguinarium, winter aquaria, snow castle, ice-rink, Arctic animals statues, 4-season aquaria, snowfall, sound and light effects, cold and warm bath spa and other facilities, an ice-bridge, a cable-lift, snow maze, ice-slide, polar bears, are some of the features that will be integrated into the development and attractions. It will also have a deluxe hotel, a shopping mall, restaurants, coffee shops and other retail outlets ..."



Stick season

When the explosion of peak foliage finally drops, "stick season" arrives. Other than delivering a heaping helping of short days, long nights and plenty of hunter orange ... stick season is generally a pretty good time to get aquainted with HBO while we wait for snow to show up.

For those of us in the broad outdoor industry, stick season also marks the end of trade show season ... that liver-hardening span from july to october.

Which brings me to my point .... why do we have trade shows in the most beautiful time of the year and then spend stick season twiddling our Tivo? Why don't we revolt and host Outdoor Retailer in November? I'm sure there are at least a dozen logical reasons the shows are when they are, but what about our personal priorities?

Outdoor Retailer in November !!!



Was Burton trying to buy Mad River Glen?

According to these bloggers ... Jake had his checkbook out and ready.

Can you imagine the carnage? It'd be like tossing some anti-matter in the photon drive.

LINK: PowderJihad


Where's Waldo?

The official NFL team of the ski industry

No other professional sports team influences the ski industry the way the Denver Broncos do.

With a Monday night prime-time game scheduled for nearly every season, on-camera foul weather for the Broncos means early season bookings for ski country.

And while the Broncos are inexorably linked to the alpine industry ... other franchises, like the Kansas City Chiefs for example, are synonymous with inactivity: overeating, overdrinking, and long naps on the couch.

LINK: skipressworld


Hobby of the day


Adventure pimps the Piton ... sort of

The Piton is ...."the best anonymous outdoor industry insider blog I've read."

Not to be confused, of course, with all those other anonymous outdoor industry insider blogs that you've read.



Non-profit goes high-tech for fundraising

Ask any non-profit about the challenges of fundraising in the outdoor space, and they'll all tell a similar tale ... everybody's eager to give product, but few are willing to actually write a check.

Wouldn't it be great if merino wool and soft-shell samples could be magically changed into trail crew time, community outreach efforts and staff time?

Apparently ... now it can. The Northern Forest Canoe Trail has figured it out by running an ONLINE AUCTION where they sell all those goodies in an eBay format.

Good stuff.



Safe, boxy ... and LAME

"Who would you give a Volvo to?"
= "We know people will think this is a chance to win a free car, and will visit our website."

"This is our way of inspiring you to think of the people you care about"
= "This is our PR firm's way of increasing web traffic"

"This isn't a contest."
= "This is actually quite lame, and we know it."

"It's your chance to tell us-- in your own words, videos and photos -- about the people you want to help protect by putting them in one of the safest cars on the planet."
= "The guy that came up with this idea has already been fired, and rehired by Ford."

"So please, tell us your story."
= "So please, don't close your browser yet. The longer you stay, the longer we'll keep our marketing firm on retainer."

= "It's a spin on What Would Jesus Do, which was co-opted by What Would Jesus Drive, which is so very 1998, but it's the best we could do."