Hey Griber, need a new watch?

Congratulations to the JH skid community and all former DC bike messengers ... you're about to get a new watch!

Don't forget Big Wally. He's always late.

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Fresh thinking? Or just another sucker bet from the people that brought you ....

Thanks to the Piton for linking up with the Economist's recent green piece. But honestly, dudes, did you actually read the article? Or has the sharp-tongued voice of the Left made a verrrrrry hard right turn.

Sure, the idea of valuation in the environmental movement is a cool idea, and one worth supporting. It'd be great to be able to show Exxon that they can save money in location A by not drilling the shit out of location B.

On the other hand, letting "market forces" regulate natural resources is about as smart as letting Jose Canseco have the keys to the medicine cabinet. Even the most pedestrian analysis of emission-trading schemes clearly points out that the system is totally ripe for abuse and that oversight would always be needed. Yes, oversight. Like, you know, the elected dudes and dudettes in the big building down the street.

And if governmental oversight is needed anyway, why risk one-of-a-kind natural creations like a native salmon run or a fragile wilderness area on the ability of Haliburton to play fair with McDonnel Douglas?

There is no natural elasticity to the environmental commodity. If you screw it up once, it's gone. It's not like we can plant more endangered species seeds next year to compensate for this year's screw up. And judging by the litany of environmental screw ups we've seen in the last 15 years, that's exactly what would happen.

LINK: The Economist


Cast & Blast

An Arkansas fly-fishing group is raising donations of cash & equipment to send fly-fishing gear to American soldiers stationed in Iraq.

The fishing, apparently, is pretty damn good. Not only is there some action on the Tigris River, but there are several of Saddam Hussein's "once-private lakes" that are worthy of a dry fly.



The SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, part 2 in a series

Tiny Hands
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Alternate captions for this photo, discarded by Men's Journal editors include:

* Technical windshells: Stay warm AND hide your beer gut.

* Steve Sullivan shows exemplary form in winning sprint across Cache Creek parking lot against local sixth grader.

* "Check out my impersonation of how Mel Orchard runs. He actually does this al the time. What a dork."


Friday diversion: your new "living will"

From the New Yorker. A few of my personal favorites:

#4. If I am unable to feed, clean, or dress myself, I would like to be referred to as “Mr. Trump.”

# 5. Do not resuscitate me before noon.

# 6. If I do not respond to pinches, pinpricks, rubber mallets, or other medical stimuli, please stop laughing.

# 7. If I no longer respond to loved ones’ attempts at communication, ask them about our last car trip.

# 12. If my doctor pronounces me brain-dead, I would like to see the new Ashton Kutcher movie ...

LINK: The New Yorker


An open letter to the editors of Outside magazine:

Have you no shame?

To glorify and personalize the world of outdoor equipment so that it is immensely appealing to all ages and races regardless of class or stature or astrological sign is one thing. To do it well, to do it with style, and to do it in a way that makes even merino wool socks seem incredibly sexy is another.

But to sacrifice your professional ethics in this pursuit, like a feral cat in Wisconsin on opening day, is nothing but an embarrassment.

Yes, it is true that I told editor James Glave about Kelty's double-secret scuba stroller program during a recent outdoor industry gathering. But it was OFF THE RECORD. Like the same OFF THE RECORD that means you're not supposed to write about in the magazine, man!

Mr. Glave assured me that the conversation would never be mentioned again, and that "my secret was safe with him." Ohh, that crafty Canadian.

For me to see the Kelty Scuba Stroller brazenly gracing the pages of the new Outside Buyers Guide is nothing short of a violation of professional confidence and personal ethics.

Mr. Glave's faux pas will surely result in the cancellation of the entire Kelty underwater equipment program ... the deep-sea sleeping bags (comfy!), the coral reef Carports (roomy!), and - sadly enough - our entire underwater Nordic Walking team (Hans Erik will be very upset).

I demand that Mr. Glave be released from his post, and forced to leave the country, preferably relocating to some rural nowheresville in Canada.

Please cancel my complimentary subscription.

Drew Simmons
Kelty public relations

scuba stroller
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Hyponatremia Study: Overdrinking will kill you

The New England Journal of Medicine released a study today about hyponatremia and runners in the Boston Marathon. The study confirms much of the speculation regarding over-hydration during vigorous activity.

Here's the kicker quote from the NY Times' piece on the study:

"Everyone becomes dehydrated when they race. But I have not found one death in an athlete from dehydration in a competitive race in the whole history of running. Not one. Not even a case of illness."

LINK: New England Journal of Medicine

LINK: New York Times


tune in, turn on

Just in case you're heading out for a thursday afternoon "meeting" on some single track and need some musical motivation, you should check this guy out.

His name's Chris Pierce. If you haven't heard of him yet, you will soon enough.

LINK: Chris Pierce

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Lurch does it again

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Yet another classic quote from ski celebrity Peter Kray:

"If I'm in the air... I'm on the chair."


"All wild salmon in Canada is farm raised"

In one of the scarcest times of the year for wild salmon, nearly every major seafood operation in Manhattan is stocking and selling the fish.

So ... the NY Times went undercover, buying "wild salmon" from numerous storefronts and having it tested by an independent laboratory.

The results? Six out of eight "wild" salmon were actually farm raised.