PR is hard, Part 2 in a series

Responding to the negative press coverage Tom Cruise has received in recent weeks, University of Nebraska financial-aid clerk Ben Matherson, 28, announced Monday that things would be different if he were the megastar's publicist.

LINK: Armchair Publicist Would Totally Rein In Tom Cruise

What does it mean?

Here's the math ... Outdoor participation down + gaming business up 22% since January.

Reports are that campgrounds are lying empty, rivers are quiet, trails are uncrowded.

Is this a nightmare? Or .... wait ... is it heaven?

Is chasing gamers into the outdoors as futile as trying to get lifetime non-voters to pay attention to local politics? Is the outdoor industry looking past the low-hanging fruit and focusing on a Mission-to-Mars growth strategy? Should we be developing outdoor participation like a virtual city ... with clusters of high-density activity and zones of pure wilderness? Should outdoor specialty embrace the opportunity instead of freaking out about poll numbers?

See you in SLC.



Is reclamation the next big thing in wilderness advocacy?

There certainly is no shortage of opportunity ... check out the acres of public land, per capita:

Wyoming 63.09
Nevada 34.6
Montana 31.76
Idaho 28.68
Utah 17.71
New Mexico 15.94
Oregon 10.13
Arizona 7.2
Colorado 6.22
South Dakota 4.18
North Dakota 3.14
Washington 2.6
Minnesota 1.55
California 1.48
Arkansas 1.42
Vermont 1.07
Mississippi 0.89
West Virginia 0.88
New Hampshire 0.85
Michigan 0.74
Nebraska 0.56
Wisconsin 0.51
Missouri 0.47
Oklahoma 0.42
Virginia 0.39
North Carolina 0.39
Pennsylvania 0.37
South Carolina 0.37
Louisiana 0.37
Kentucky 0.36
Kansa 0.36
Tennessee 0.36
Maine 0.32
Georgia 0.32
Florida 0.32
Alabama 0.27
New York 0.25
Texas 0.19
Massachusett 0.15
Indiana 0.14
Iowa 0.14
Connecticut 0.12
Maryland 0.12
New Jersey 0.11
Ohio 0.09
Delaware 0.08
Illinois 0.08
Rhode Island 0.06


Got scooper? ABC News finds "special present" in conference room

Dogs, dogs, dogs ... I love 'em. I love fishing with them, I love skiing with them, and i love chucking a slobbery tennis ball for them.

But do we have to bring them absolutely everywhere we go? Even the mega-crowded aisles of Outdoor Retailer?

LINK: The Drudge Report


Controversy du jour

Who believes circulation numbers anyway?


PR is hard

With a 2-14 record last year, it's clear that the San Francisco 49ers suck.

With the discovery of a "diversity training" video created by head 49ers PR guy Kirk Reynolds ... one that includes gay-bashing, nude women, and off-color jokes about local taxpayers footing the new stadium tab ... it's clear that their PR sucks too.



You want a piece of this?

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Indigenous Bolivian women are joining the ring as professional wrestlers.

No ... really.



SIA Hires Stanwood & Partners Public Relations

Nice. Congratulations!


Ski Press TV.com to Launch September 1

Once upon a time, there was another resort-based TV network that tried to figure out how to launch a supporting print piece.

This time around, the print content is fueling creation of a TV netowrk.

Good luck.



Stranded, Part II

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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be of assistance to you. We look forward to welcoming you abour another US Airways flight.

- Office of Consumer Affairs

- enclosure: $150 travel voucher