America's Unsustainability Capital

Welcome to Las Vegas ... the reigning world model in unsustainability, and
future home of the Unustainable Living World Expo.

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Honey ... remember when gas was only $3 a gallon?

Forget about cheap oil.

"When the topic of rising oil prices comes up, an easy explanation leaps to mind: a gathering global recovery, boosted by surging demand from the U.S. and especially China, is behind the runup. That's true -- but it's not the whole truth. There's a lot more going on behind the scenes in the global oil market."



Don't miss the Smith Optics INTERBIKE STOMPDOWN

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Crush the pretenders ...

Bring your brand name, non-Smith Optics sunglasses by Interbike booth 3345, stomp them into oblivion, and we will replace them with a pair of our shades, on the spot, for FREE.

Whuh?: Hang with the Smith pro team, imbibe adult beverages, and crush your competing brand sunglasses.

Huh? Smith Optics, Booth 3345.

Hey! 4-6 pm Thursday, Sept. 29, 2005


PR 101: Tips on planning a NYC media tour

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1. Go when the President is in town -- who needs cabs? Besides, gridlock rules!

2. Go when a hurricane is about to hit the coast -- being soaking wet for your hourly meetings draws pity, and pity is a very powerful PR tool.

3. Go during "fashion week" -- if you're going to be soaking wet and tired from humping your bag up and down 6th, at least you get to check out models all day.


Gas cramps

This just in. Not only will the feds tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help ease the humanitarian crisis in New Orleans, but they're also going to temporarily remove pollution standards.

From the Miami Herald: "To boost supplies, the U.S. government said it would loan oil to refiners facing shortfalls and relax environmental restrictions on the type of gasoline sold during summer... "

So, for those in the rest of the country, the questions are simple. Did you drive your car to work today? By yourself? Did you complain about gas prices being "too high"?

Congratulations ... regardless of how many MoveOn.org bumper stickers you bought last year, you're a supporter of a continuing Iraq war.