Not guilty

.... "The funny thing is, the Piton was supposed to be anonymous, yet by that post it's obvious that the guys behind Wicked Outdoorsy are also behind the Piton" ...

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Not dead yet?

Negotiations with spouses are currently in process, as The Piton considers another run at it.


No, merci

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Yes ... It's a great idea. I love the b-to-b peer pressure. I love feeding the consumer what they want. I love Yvon and his tireless proselytizing. He's the man.

But 1% for the Planet doesn't work for me. At my "miniscule" business level (under $500k of sales a year), the administration fee to join is the same amount that I pay to be a voting member of the Conservation Alliance. And you know what? That check STINGS.

In budgeting charitable contributions for '06, it seems like a pretty simple choice: maintain my CA commitment or split it up with 1% for the Planet.

That's an easy one. My money's going to go into the ground.


Carport attached to 1996 Subaru draws a small crowd in Mad River Glen parking lot

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WAITSFIELD, VERMONT (October 26, 2005) – After a week of New England rain prompted widespread flooding and an unusually deep commitment to cable television, a Kelty Carport set up in the Mad River Glen parking lot created a welcome bright spot for some very soggy locals returning from a nature hike.

“Worthy,” said “Bill,” a 23-year-old University of Vermont sophomore. “I definitely could’ve used one of those things at Coventry.”

With a tent-like wing that arcs off the roof or tailgate, the Kelty Carport is more than a mere conversation piece. The versatile shelter securely and gently attaches to any vehicle with a standard roof rack, as well as the occasional fence, tree, freestanding shelter or innocent bystander.

The polyester taffeta wall works essentially like a three-sided tent, with two large side entrances and abundant protected headroom. The lightweight, durable and weather-resistant shelter easily blocks out harsh sun (unlikely), daily rainstorms (very likely) and the prying eyes of neighboring tailgaters (always an issue).

“Boy, what a trick. Wicked sharp. How much?” said a bearded gentleman wearing a “Vermont Secession” t-shirt.

The Kelty Carport is simple to set up, with two supporting poles connecting to a lightweight but strong horizontal pole. The horizontal pole is laid across any fixed horizontal pole — like a roof rack -- then attached with a simple strap system. Anchor loops at the base of the support poles are designed to clasp stones, sandbags or cases of Magic Hat beer, helping secure the Carport in blustery conditions.

Because a little extra room goes a long way, the Carport is available in medium, large and deluxe sizes. The medium Carport is an ideal extension of a station wagon tailgate, with a ceiling high enough to allow the hatchback to open, and a coverage area of 83 square feet ($200).

The large Kelty Carport covers 113 square feet and is tall enough to fit on trucks, vans & SUVs. The large also features roll-down side panels for privacy ($250).

And if a mini-Phish fest is more your speed, the deluxe is definitely the ticket, with six-foot tall stake poles that literally raise the roof to create a full-size awning. ($300)

Kelty’s legendary lifetime guarantee applies to the materials and workmanship of the Carport.

Unfortunately, the weather is not covered.



Better than Barney

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Yesterday, during the average nuclear tizzy fit of a certain three-year-old son of mine, the wife decided to try a new tack.

Instead of calming the waters with Thomas the Train or some other kid-centered video, she popped in TGR's classic film "Uprising."

Needless to say, he loved it, and was bombing around the living room pretending to snowboard and ski for the rest of the afternoon.

Now, if i could just get him to stop drinking those Red Bulls....


And the winner is

Cue the music...

... Mullen will be the new AOR of the Outdoor Retailer shows.



Where the beer flows like wine

Where the beer flows like wine
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Rumor of the day: a former "Powder" editor is headed to the Aspen Skiing Co.

Clearly, it's been a big week for ex-SJC rats ... first Sheahan lands a real job, and now our favorite Sake bomber goes over to the dark side.


Farewell to a world-class boondoggle

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Sheahan gets bumped upstairs at Patagonia, less than 10 months into his tenure as chief dry-fly recruiter and fishing bro' to the stars.

You'd think Casey would've learned by now to KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT DURING BOARD MEETINGS!!!!


What about Bob?

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Please alert Telluride Search & Rescue.

Somewhere in southwest Colorado, a grown man in head-to-toe Chiefs garb is crying in his bloody mary.