Do the math, part 1

dude, do the math
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For every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph, you'll pay about an extra 20 cents per gallon for gas. In other words, driving 75 mph on your way to Moab will cost you about an extra $10 every time you fill up. That's a lot of rice and beans, dude.

On the downhill side of Earth Day, Bush lightens polluters load

With Earth Day safely behind us, President Bush suspended environmental rules on gasoline today, continuing a bi-partisan trend of pandering to our basest gasoline-chugging instincts.

Oil prices have led us to an early political football season, with both parties rushing to the aid of Americans who still love their cars more than the future of the environment.



Colbert puts Global Warming Documentaries "on notice"

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A visionary, a truthinator, a man among white men with ties, Stephen Colbert tackles global warming:

"Watching a documentary about global warming is like watching paint ... explain global warming."

LINK: ">Colbert


Winners & Losers

Ever wonder which magazines are REALLY killing it? Check these numbers out, from the Publishers Information Bureau ... a comparison between March 2005 and March 2006.

This isn't the complete list, but you've got to admit, Outdoor Retailer friendly pubs are holding their own, if not outpeforming.

Publication 2006 $ 2005 $ %CHG
BESTLIFE 2,009,220 1,075,705 86.8
BOYS' LIFE 739,573 411,899 79.6
TW MOTOCROSS 1,042,932 614,745 69.7
SI FOR KIDS 2,071,135 1,231,255 68.2
BICYCLING 2,930,944 1,753,226 67.2
WIRED 5,748,568 3,439,883 67.1
TW SURF 1,029,922 715,983 43.8
MENS FITNESS 5,034,502 3,679,312 36.8
SKI 3,089,305 2,287,933 35.0
MENS JOURNAL 6,596,745 5,193,940 27.0
TRAVEL+LEISURE 16,882,405 13,760,694 22.7
WEIGHT WATCHERS 5,615,788 4,618,142 21.6
REAL SIMPLE 18,085,404 15,059,225 20.1
RUNNERS WORLD 5,574,870 4,698,800 18.6
CARGO (Folded) 3,406,663 2,881,446 18.2
SHAPE MAGAZINE 13,210,565 11,482,188 15.1
FITNESS 8,351,233 7,347,645 13.7
NATURAL HEALTH 1,928,523 1,710,181 12.8
CN TRAVELER 8,363,018 7,435,920 12.5
BACKPACKER 3,151,108 2,807,312 12.2
FHM 7,809,819 7,023,047 11.2
OUTDOOR LIFE 2,613,187 2,365,197 10.5
NG ADVENTURE 2,843,861 2,584,720 10.0
OUTSIDE 4,994,700 4,585,438 8.9
SI 42,390,886 39,722,581 6.7
ENDLESS VACATION 6,315,830 5,989,360 5.5
HEALTH 9,747,979 9,297,647 4.8
MENS HEALTH 15,602,160 14,993,490 4.1
STUFF 6,068,140 5,880,453 3.2
SELF 11,519,902 11,358,742 1.4
ESPN MAGAZINE 20,167,615 20,328,660 -0.8
BASSMASTER 2,080,478 2,161,077 -3.7
BOATING 4,440,328 4,770,628 -6.9
NATIONAL GEO 7,359,794 7,953,595 -7.5
GOLF MAGAZINE 14,616,401 15,988,591 -8.6
TW SKATEBOARDING 2,420,071 2,836,969 -14.7
NG TRVLR 3,430,467 4,061,365 -15.5
SKIING 1,356,533 1,610,249 -15.8
POPULAR MECHANICS 6,949,373 8,303,214 -16.3
FIELD & STREAM 5,123,679 6,334,586 -19.1
DISCOVER 1,033,659 1,299,980 -20.5
MAXIM 13,529,826 17,049,957 -20.6
MOTORBOATING 2,161,621 2,817,023 -23.3
SALT WATER SPTSMN 2,829,262 3,729,162 -24.1
SIERRA 632,810 954,210 -33.7
TW SNOWBOARDING 1,211,508 1,840,997 -34.2
JANE 2,557,413 5,183,679 -50.7


Mike & Steve's Excellent Africa Adventure

Michael Geraci
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Geraci, apparently, is off to Botswana to assemble 200 Kona "AfricaBikes" to provide to aidworkers.

Madden, apparently, will also attend. And possibly Riedy.

What a great story.

check it out at www.konabiketown.com.


Doug Coombs, 48

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The best skier you never saw died today in La Grave, France.

According to reports, he and a companion (Chad Vander Ham, 32) either slipped or were swept by snow over 200 meters of cliffs. Both men were dead by the time a rescue crew arrived.

At this point, it happens enough that you know the drill ... you get an email with name only in the subject line. Inside the message is a link, and that's it.

Doug's legacy is significant. A skier with passion and skill, he was a true driver of out-of-bounds and extreme skiing at Jackson Hole and throughout the world.

His unrepentant skiing of hidden lines and obscure cliff bands that he determined were safe -- by himself and for himself -- undoubtedly affected the decision making process of JHMR and other resorts.

While other factors were surely considered, Doug's constantly calm demeanor on some of the hairiest faces in the world made the media, the skiing public, and the skiing professionals stop ... and wonder if maybe "one go, all go" was a worthwhile OB policy after all.

Everybody's got a Doug story. I hope they get shared.

My personal favorite was seeing Doug whip through lower Green River bowl at JH on a nuclear powder day at about 4:19 pm. Even after climbing and skiing every face in the region, his skiing was flawless, light, and magical.

I wrote a column about the experience ... alluding to the fact that Doug's alpine prowess was unnatural, and had to be the result of some sort of genetic mutation. In the column, i alleged that Doug had a monkey tail that gave him the bonus of added balance. He called me at the paper that night and left a nasty message.

But he never said anything about the tail.

LINK: the news
LINK: the memorial fund


Whitewater rafting on Playboy.com

The home of Northern Outdoors adventure resort gets a perrky lift from Playboy.com:

"The Forks, Maine: Located at the meeting point of the Dead and the Kennebec Rivers, The Forks is the focal point of Maine's wild whitewater rafting scene. The 13-mile run on the Kennebec River rapids can reach Class IV level, which basically means bring an extra pair of pants. As its name suggests, the Dead River is even more challenging than the Kennebec, with 15 miles of Class IV rapids culminating in the mile-long Poplar Hill Falls. After you dry yourself, you can hike on the Appalachian Trail near the Kennebec River crossing and head to the terminus at Mount Katahdin, a granite peak in central Maine"

LINK: Top 10 Unheralded Outdoor Spots

LINK: Northern Outdors adventure resort


Obama takes a swing

Sen. Barack Obama (D- Ill.) took a sharp swing at the administration this week, directly critizing the "Addicted to Oil" rhetoric used in the most recent State of the Union address. He also ... coincidentally?... snuck in a left hook on the president's past foibles.

"Saying that America is addicted to oil without following a real plan for energy independence is like admitting alcoholism and then skipping out on the 12-step program," said Obama.


Rubbing it in a bit further, Obama threw in a few solution-driven ideas of his own, just to show that it can be done.

In one of Obama's bills, introduced in Congress, he dangles the promise of federal aid to the auto industry for investment in fuel-efficient cars. The only strings? The aid would be used for a portion of the costs automakers pay for retiree health care, so long as companies use the savings to retool and refocus on the challenges at hand.

Good stuff.