The once and future distraction

Twenty five years ago, as you’ll hear a thousand times at the upcoming ORSM show, the outdoor industry got its start in a tiny trade show ballroom in Reno.

What you probably won’t hear is that in the same year Israel invaded Lebanon, massive federal deficits loomed on the horizon, and staying in tune with current events was about as much fun as eating dirt.

No… I’m not trying to whip up a political discussion. I’m aiming for just the opposite, actually.

Remember how bummed you were when you saw the news about Floyd Landis last week? Even if you’re a loyal fan who refuses to believe the obvious, you still feel like you got kicked in the stomach. It’s a drag to turn to the sports page and have your memories of the greatest day in Tour history ripped up and thrown away. The sports page is supposed to be a diversion from the everyday weight of your life … and when it’s not, it’s time to head outside.

Today … like 25 years ago … the outdoor world is the ultimate in benevolent distraction. There’s no human growth hormones involved in a Sunday afternoon mountain bike ride. There’s no United Nations condemnation of a pre-work scramble to the top of a nearby peak. There’s no partisan cage-fighting over which dry fly to use for the evening hatch.

While the outdoor world ramps up for another Outdoor Retailer show, we should all remember one of the outdoor world’s greatest contributions: it helps us look away from, at least temporarily, the things we’d like to forget.


Branding, byte by byte

Check out the groovy new site from the team at Basecamp Communications ... it's slick, it's hip, and it has pictures of alpine hearthrob Dave Simpson's high elevation adventures.


This is for a good cause, right?

... "you have been assigned to the Lifestyle set, which features the song Miss New Booty (if it sounds foreign to you, don’t worry, we’ll listen to it, and I’m sure you will recognize it!) ... "

Welcome to preparations for the OIWC "Ramp It Up" drag show.

The good news is that i will not be wearing a miniskirt. the bad news is that the other 11 guys on stage will be wearing them.

In case you're looking to make some pre-show jabs, here's the list of the Miss New Booty crew.

Darn Tough ... Roland Beliveau
Kelty ... Drew Simmons
Mission Playground... Andy Burke
Horny Toad ... Gordon Seabury
Earth Games... Larry Harrison
Rutabega... Jeff Weidman
Mission Playground ... Mark McMahon
Sierra Magazine ... Eric Lange
Mountain Khakis ... Noah Robertson
Earth Creations ... Martin Ledvina
Cascade Designs ... John Burroughs
Fox River ... Jeff Lessard

A great day ... tainted

Floyd Landis can kiss those sponsorship dollars goodbye.

About 15 minutes ago, his team confirmed that Floyd failed the drug test taken after his superhuman performance in the 17th stage of the Tour.

Landis Fails Drug Test After Triumph in Tour de France - New York Times

MEDIA ALERT >> “Outdoor Idols” to be unveiled during Aug. 9 press conference at Willard Bay

Press conference unveiling of Outdoor Industry Foundation’s charter roster of Outdoor Idols, a list of under-25 trendsetters that are not only rising stars in their sports, but role models for the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

11 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006.

Willard Bay, at the entrance to the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market demo day.

Host: Timmy O’Neill. Featured guests: The 2006 Outdoor Idols

... more to come


Greased lightning, or nasty dirty engines?

The Grey Lady devotes a full page to grease-burning cars ... including a personal perspective, a look at the possiblity that grease-buring emissions violate EPA rules, and a list of where to buy conversion kits for Jettas and F150s alike.

Grease Is the Word: Fill It Up With Fry Oil - New York Times


Outdoor Retailer Must-Attend Event #1: The funk has landed

This funk is free.

Breakestra will blow the lid off of Night One at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, during the annual Horny Toad throw down at Cafe Molise. Go to dinner first. Things will get lively around 10 pm.




LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Which of the following items were NOT on display at the International Coalition of Associated Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) show this week?

a. The Chuck Woolery Signature Product collection
b. Woody, the fishing lure that gets "humorously excited" when a strike occurs.
c. Bait you can eat.
d. Northern Pike scented cologne.


Ewok alert

our little sasquatch
Originally uploaded by drewbo.
Yet another ill-advised photo opportunity for our little sasquatch.

'nuff said.


What heroin? Let's get them bikers

A pair of King County cops went undercover and subsequently beat down a member of last weekend's critical mass ride in Seattle.

Nice work! Next up for a knock-down beating ... kids skipping school!

Mass Attack | News | The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper


Good for the summit party, bad for the mantle

tiny, blue, different
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Turns out that our tiny blue friend might also be good for our climber friends ... by preventing the nasty onslaught of High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE).

The only challenge? Getting that harness back on for the descent.

LINK: Ski Press


Whiter than "Newt Gingrich's Fourth of July BBQ"

A survey of Associated Press Sports Editors found that only four out of 305 newspaper had a non-male, non-white sports editor. Monday's column in the Washington Post has a metaphorial (metaphorasmic? metaphoristic?) field day with this news. (example: four out of 305 is "like Gilbert Gottfried's hit rate at a singles bar.")

However, when you look at the Outdoor Retailer media list, released last week, it appears that the outdoor world's media corps is even whiter than the guys that cover the stick and ball shtick.

LINK: I'm in the White Business