Rich Hill is no longer unemployed

... but apparently Vermont is a bit too red for him.

Congratulations ! Mullets for everyone !



FFR 2006: Rumors and reality

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The 2006 Fly Fishing Retailer show heads to Denver this week ...

And what's the biggest story of the show? Not mega-hucking spey rods. Not fiercely snappy ultralight rods. Not a surging film industry nor a boom in flyfishing bloggers. No sir.

The biggest story is whether or not the show might move to Las Vegas beginning in 2007.

The truth is that the show is in, and will remain in, Denver until the AFFTA board and the show exhibitors decide otherwise. (An official announcement will be made regarding the 2007 dates and venue on Aug. 29) Our friends at VNU are very clear about their intent here: their job is to listen and respond directly to the market's desires.

Yes, it's true that the show organizers looked at a venue in Las Vegas earlier this summer (the Sands CC). But ... and here's the news flash of the day for you ... they look at new venues EVERY summer. They do it for FFR, for OR, for Interbike, and so on, and so on. It's their responsiblity to continually evaluate the best possible dates and venues for every market which they support, and if they didn't snoop around for better deals ... well, they'd be doing a very poor job indeed.

The instigator du jour is the publisher of Tackle Trade World, Sean O'Driscoll, who penned an editorial entitled "Flying to nowhere!" which ran hand in hand with a tabloid-style piece labeled "FFR: The End is Near." His main grind? One is that VNU has been delinquent in investing in the show. Another is that the fly-fishing industry would be better off merging forces with the conventional fishing market.

The cool thing about FFR is that it's the only show devoted to the survival of the specialty fly shop. Admittedly, it's a small show compared to OR and Magic. But it's a huge show when you realize that it's the biggest congregation of fly-only businesses in the entire world. Should we dilute this character by moving into a bigger pond? I don't think so.

It's up to VNU to host FFR in the best possible place at the best possible time. It's up to the rest of us to get people fishing.


The last ten locations at ORSM where Timmy O’Neill was NOT an emcee.

10. Metzler’s valet-parking-zone changing room. You look great in black, dude.
9. The “Saudis Love Hummers” fundraiser.
8. My Friday morning USA Today “research session.”
7. The Olive Garden’s Hospitaliano! all you can eat pasta bar
6. The Smith Limo.
5. Little America. David Beckham. Enough said.
4. Kenji’s after-hours open-mike nite.
3. The Crocs booth.
2. Two words: Burrito bathrooms.
1. The “what was I thinking?” dinner following the Ramp it Up drag show.

Congratulations once again to the OIWC. By successfully convincing 70+ men to commit career suicide, you have fulfilled your goal of creating more opportunities for women in the outdoor industry.


Live Wrong

Our friends at the Onion debut their new Floyd Landis Foundation bracelets.

LINK: The Onion


The Summer OR Playlist

Our friends at Stanwood & Partners have set up an iTunes soundtrack ... specially selected to correspond with the natural mood swings of the upcomign Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show.

It's hip, it's hop, it's happening ... and it's only $11.99!

Of course, now it's open season for any hack to roll out a playlist. Like me, for instance.

Each of these tracks was specifically chosen to align with your chi, to go with a chewy tortilla burrito, and to taste great with a protein spiked smoothie and show dog.

Jet Airliner - Paul Pena
Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd
Steady As She Goes - The Raconteurs
Part of the Process - Morcheeba
How can you live in the Northeast? - Paul Simon
The Party Life - Samantha Lee
Heart to Heart Talk - Asleep at the Wheel
My Life is in Storage - Frank Black
Pull the Wool - G. Love & Special Sauce
Hill Country Rain - Jerry Jeff Walker
Alive - Pearl Jam

LINK: S&P playlist