No wonder Boni took that job at Descente

What is "Outdoor Lifestyle"?

How many suits do you own?

When was the last time you wore a tie?

Do you know what a wingtip is?

Tucked or untucked?

If you had an extra $20, would you wax your skis or get your shoes shined?

Locate your nearest REI.

Locate your nearest Men's Warehouse.


Define "pleat."

Name three current NBA players.

Name three companies who make soft shells.

When was the last time you saw a surfing photo?

Fill in the blanks:

Yvon ________________

Jake ________________

Bode ________________

Lance _____________

An Incovenient _________

Which story intrigues you more? That pole dancing parties are the next big thing for the New Jersey book club crowd? Or that Floyd Landis might be innocent?



Cancer survivor competes in World Championships

Cancer survivor Bryan Fletcher of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, will compete Friday in his first World Championships event — the nordic combined sprint, which includes ski jumping outside and a 7.5 km race in the Sapporo Dome.

From Ski Press

The emperor's new blog?

I refreshed my browser several times, checked my network settings, and even clicked on all the little doodads in the title bar logo to see if there was some sort of hidden treasure thingy.

And now, what i really must ask is ... is this really all there is?

Cute girl ... check.
Book review ... check.
Letter from McKibben ... check.
Funny photo ... check.



Vermont coffee company leads the way in corporate responsibility ... again

I was super-psyched to see the footwear giant down the road getting some props on SNEWS for their legendary corporate social responsibility program. ("For the eighth consecutive year, Timberland has been recognized by CRO magazine as a “100 Best Corporate Citizen” for its corporate social responsibility efforts). They edged out Starbucks to make it to the number 8 slot.

So ... I checked out the list. You've got your Nike. You've got your Motorola, your Intel, and your Johnson (& Johnson).

But you know who was #1?

Vermont's own Green Mountain Coffee Roasters became the first company ever to win the top ranking two years in a row.

Here's the top ten.

1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
2. Advanced Micro Devices
3. Nike
4. Motorola
5. Intel
6. International Business Machines Corp.
7. Agilent Technologies
8. Timberland
9. Starbucks
10. General Mills

How many Patagonia CEO's does it take ... ?

Enter the Wicked Outdoorsy "Friday Caption Contest" and win the chance to win a pair of Smith Optics goggles, slightly used. Shipping charges may apply.


The greenest gear of all is going unused

Treehugger posted a link to a recent Economist study about the plummeting attendance at America's national parks, and tagged with the incredibly to-the-point comment: "The importance of this decline can hardly be over-estimated."

Kevin Coyle, of the National Wildlife Federation, sums it up best ... “There won't be a conservation movement 30 years from now if there's no love for nature."

Another sign of the outdoor apocalypse

Some savvy business dude (or dudette) has introduced arm and leg weights to be worn while playing on the Wii computer game platform.

In defense of disaster

Two of America's finest mags landed on the newsstand in synch this month. Both Outside and Men's Journal took the initiative to defend the recent disaster on Mt. Hood by debunking some of the swirling media claims. Both mags ran their pieces in the front of their books.

MJ's "Lessons from a Rescue" debunked the four pillars of mainstream misunderstanding (ie, "the climbers shouldn't have been there," and "climbers often need rescuing." And Outside went a fair bit deeper on their piece, running it as a "Big Idea" column, and simultaneously posting the a podcast with author Dennis Lewon on their website.

Cheers to a job well done.


Happy Valentine's Day, Honey

Estimates for tonight's blizzard range from 12 to 40 inches. If you want to be excited, then drink the Mad River Glen Kool Aid. If you want to be patient, then go with the "conservative 12 to 24" provided by the bland police over at the Weather Channel.".

Regardless, schools thorughout Vermont announced their closing ... more than 12 hours before the snow is even expected to begin falling. High-wind conditions are expected to make travel "almost impossible" in some areas. The kids are about as amped as Pavlov's dog in a bell factory. And Ben Hewitt will simply not stop calling ...


The 82-foot-high club

Vermont celebrates a first ascent of a different kind.

Were the groomers really that good?


A Wicked Valentine's Day Idea

"....If you are looking for something different from the usual this Valentine's Day, consider a snowkite lesson - for 2. It lasts longer than chocolate and will be remembered far longer than flowers and the giver of the gift will have as much fun as the recipient ..."

LINK: Vermont Stormboarding


The Piton gets snubbed ... again

Al Gore is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, via Treehugger.

Horny Toad influence "overpowers" lesser designers at Fashion Week

... while Ibex designers have CLEARLY influenced the Thom Browne line!

LINK: NY Times

Dial with a smile

Sick of your cell phone service?

Check out the new Amnesty International cell phone program, which is a your garden-variety Sprint PCS phone deal ... except for the fact that 10 percent of your phone bill goes to defending human rights, worldwide.

Essentially, it's an affinity program through Working Assets, a group that has phone plans and credit cards for a few dozen non-profit causes.

Oh ... did i mention that the Amnesty deal is offering a $175 buyout of your current phone contract, AND providing a free phone?

LINK: Amnesty International


Chataqua Couloir?

The Flatirons have finally been skied ... making them the first peaks to be conquered by skiers, rollerbladers, freshmen from Nebraska, and dudes on perhaps a bit too much Gooney Bird following the 1986 trio of Red Rocks Grateful Dead shows.

LINK: Boulder Daily Camera


The second wave

If there was a word to describe the pre-retail carnage of the last 14 days, it would have to be "consolidation."

The effect of viral M&A has literally changed the landscape of our little outdoor world. Brands have clustered. Big booths have grown bigger. Knock-offs have bred knock-offs. But perhaps the single biggest effect has been the homogenization of our messaging.

Eco-conscious manufacturing is the right thing to do, and it's the timely thing to do. But isn't it also the thing we should be doing anyway? If the greening of corporate America can be the cover story of the Economist (Jan. 27, 2007, circulation 1.2 million), don't you think that a few other folks around town might also be on to this? Is it really the lead story of the entire industry?

I don't think it is.

What excites me is the prospect of the second wave. Clearly, some fundamental business choices are an essential part of our conversion to the church of sustainability, and those changes will have to be made over the next few years. Just as clearly, however, I think we all know somewhere-not-so-deep-inside-us that we can all do more.

Corporate social responsibility is just that ... a responsibility. It's a duty that all of us share in a modern, democratic society.

The next wave is social purpose enterprise. And it's coming.


R is for RSN Resort Television. who, despite an industry that generally ignores them, continues to promote the active outdoor lifestyle and all the gear, gadgets and clothing that go along with it. A company that although held together by duct tape (natural fiber, of course) and bungie cords (free range non-petroleum based rubber) makes a consistently heroic effort to be a relevant part of SIA (and maybe other industries in the future). RSN remains the only network that, like it or dislike it, has carved out a place in the market and delivers some kick-ass ratings for those that care to play.