Take my conservation easement, please!

So, two conservation non-profits, an insurance salesman and a PR guy go for a mountain bike ride ...


It's because the cable went out. That's the reason I watched Obama and the DNC house party on the laptop last night. Supine. With pillows. (Besides, if I were a true tech savvy guy, I would've watched the whole thing on HD ... with a functioning set-top box).

But watching the live feed through MSNBC.com, without commercials, without talking heads, without the bothersome blather of the 'nattering nabobs of negativism,' was relaxing, enjoyable ... participatory even ... and clearly a moment in time.

Obama's long-awaited speech, in my opinion, was merely decent. No mistakes, but no real surprises, either. Gore's was better.

Not to wrap myself in the furs and diamonds of the moment, but I had to wonder if there was an echo lingering in the air last night. From those who tuned a radio in to FDR in the 1930s. Or from those who dialed their televisions in to Nixon-Kennedy in the 1960s.

The medium is the message, after all. Print is a day late, television is built for 30-second character assasinations, and radio is best suited for Howard Stern.

Banners urging 'change' were waved with passion in the high desert wind last night, but the real message of Denver was perfectly clear.

We already have.

LINK: NY Times trippy panorama-cam of stadium

LINK: Obama's speech

LINK: Gore's speech

LINK: Watch Michelle Obama's speech and send her a personal note.


Surprise ... Sierra's Green College review

The big surprise in Sierra Magazine's "America's Coolest Schools" isn't that Middlebury topped the list for green academia. Nor that the University of Vermont came in third (making Vermont the only state with two schools in the top 10).

The true eyebrow raiser in the review was George Washington University. Cited for numerous green evils, GW was tagged as being America's most expensive college ... an honor that I thought the Panthers ("... like a Division I school, but with more money...") had sewn up years ago.

LINK: Sierra Magazine


Bountiful harvest

O-berry: fruit you can believe in

Rain has been Berry, Berry good to me

Now playing: Blue Fan Group

Blueberry? I hardly know her



Hot chicken-on-chicken action!

It's an awkward moment. But it passes quickly.

The 8-year old daughter, speaking calmly in that special voice reserved for true honesty, asks what Oliver the Rooster is doing to one of the significantly larger and clearly unfortunate hens.

You look up from the yard. You see a scene from "Bantams Gone Wild," and you briefly consider the dubious virtue of a complete lie. They could be wrestling, after all.

But you don't. Casual opportunities to discuss sex, life, and death don't come up often when children are in the room.

But out with the chickens, they happen every day.


Kick my tires. Go ahead, kick them

The fact checkers weigh in.

Proper tire inflation WOULD save more oil than an offshore drilling program would create.


Peak Wind

Heard on the campaign trail this week:

"Candidates reject offshore wind farms as 'too easy, too fast'... "

"Offshore wind exploration crews flummoxed by ubiquity, ease ..."

"Read my lips: No new ideas...."