Eat More Kale is the 99%

Excerpted from the Chick Fil-A Facebook Page: "Thank you for your responses and questions surrounding the recent media reports about the Eat More Kale slogan. In 2006, we became aware of the Vermont company using the slogan and chose not to contest the continued sale of t-shirts through the company’s website. However, in August 2011, the company submitted its application to trademark the slogan, so it can protect it and use it nationally, ironically like we’re trying to protect ours. Because of this new development, we are required to protect “Eat Mor Chikin®”, our own brand and trademark for 16 years. Unfortunately, when protecting our trademark, the law does not allow us to differentiate between large and small companies. We appreciate your understanding."

As of this morning, there were 1,224 comments to this Chick Fil-A Facebook post, including the following sample:

"EAT MORE KALE (and to the PR and legal folks @CF, you need to read up on how well this exact strategy turned out for Monster Energy Drinks)."

"Unreal. You're food is not only bad for you physically, IT'S MAKING YOU CRAZY!!!"

"You guys are going down-eat some Kale and fire your lawyers, they are clearly scrounging for work."

"For shame. We're a feisty state and don't mind being vocal; this will not make you look good at all."

"Same canned response I got from your customer service team in response to my email informing CFA of my family's boycott. Required? How?"

"Vermont. We are the Green Mountain State not for the hills but for our hardy KALE. We love it-it's yummy and healthy. I will send you some."

"I will officially never eat at Chick-fil-A for the first time!!!!"

"i dont understand as your slogan is not his slogan."

"You can delete my post here all you want. I am calling for my 700 friends to call for a Boycott of your company by calling on there friends. You cannot stop a grass roots movemnt to support free enterprise. Lets look at my company name cvrfitness I cant stop someone from using crvfitness just because it sounds like mine its different just as yours is totally different from his."

"Furthermore, since CfA is apparently targeting the illiterate demographic, there's technically only one word in common between their slogan and Muller-Moore's."

"I'm wondering how long it will take CFA to realize how damaging this whole mess actually is to its brand. Someone ought to tell the legal department to actually get to work on some real legal work."

"Hire More Lawyers® "

"classic Chick FAIL A - Love it."

"You should have the brand development guys explain to the lawyers that it is ALWAYS bad business to treat your customers like idiots. I've Enjoyed Chick-fil A and I enjoy kale. I don't confuse the two, and it never occurred to me that the to brand statements were anything alike. Your petty lawyers just lost you another customer."

"‎'eat more kale' has nothing to do with chicken. give it up. i do like chicken, but certainly will NOT buy your chicken until you back off!"

"I used to think those cow ads were cute. No need for the trademark over-reach though."

"I'd like to tell you what you could eat, but you'd sue me."

"Vote with your dollar. Quit supporting organizations with backward views."

"WTF, this anti-gay and clearly right wing company needs people to boycott their business. Cook your own chicken--local and organic. Get with it brothers & sisters!"

"You don't even spell the word "more" correctly . .. And kale is so very different from crap chicken .. Wtf, chickfila"

"Kale tastes different than chicken? Man, if I had a dollar for every time I accidentally picked up some kale nuggets by accident... thankfully, the kids never noticed."

"got mor chikin=got more kale??? i don't get it. you can't tell them apart because you can't spell?"

"Eat Mor Chikin vs. Eat MORE KALE. First of all "Chik fil a" what's up with the terrible spelling. Can you please leave a perfectly fine tiny company EAT MORE KALE alone (at least they know how to spell). I don't apprecate your mis-understanding of something healthy and green and your greasy chicken? How do you care for your chickens? Do your farmers keep them in cramped barns. Are they pumped with MOR hormones so you can get more white meat for your kids meals. Fill the kids full of fat, obesity, etc. Kale is a wonderful alternative to greasy fast fat food like yours. Especially hand screened tshirts and stickers. Gimme a break guys - I doubt anyone will be confused by KALE and CHIKIN?... Bugger off with your confused cows and your abused chickens. AND EAT MORE KALE!"

"You are a worthless abomination. May you perish in poverty."

"Thanks for clearing that up--the news media seemed to be making CFA out to be the bad guy in all this! I thought it seemed out of character for Chick-Fil-A."

"You guys are bullies. I will not eat at another Chick fil A until you stand down and call your lawyers off. What idiot at your company came up with this idea? Surely he/she didn't vet it out with PR. You guys look like the school yard bully. And there's a zero tolerance on bullies now."

"I just signed the petition to help EAT MORE KALE."

" In the words of Gov. Shumlin," Kale is a vegetable, Chicken is a bird". Know the difference."

"I can understand their point but the whole thing is a bit silly why cant they both have their own slogans?"

" your have yours, let him have his - no matter what you say, they are not the same, and there is no confusion. Bullies."

"I also know the difference between chicken and kale. I can spell chicken too. Leave the kale-man alone."

"The "substantial likelihood of confusion" test isn't even remotely met here. This is just a big corporation trying to stomp on the little guy. I love Chick-fil-A, but as of now I will no longer eat there."

"The "Eat More Kale" guy is not hurting you anywhere near as much as you are hurting yourselves and your reputation by beating up on this guy. Stop being stupid."

"Eat More Kale®"

"Shame on you. Between this and the donations to anti-gay rights groups, I'm done with you, 100%."

"No more Chick-Fil-A for me!! And I'm in UT and they are fricken everywhere."

"This is just lawyers trying to justify their jobs. Irresponsible, and just plain mean spirited stuff. I don't eat this crap chikn, and certainly never will. There is no reason to pursue this other than, 'because we can'. Pathetic! TEAM KALE!!!"

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