Wintry Mix is dead. Long live Wintry Mix!

I've never been a podcast host.  Never thought about getting the gear (is there any?) or putting one together during my abundant downtime between 9 and 9:45 pm each night.  But my guess is that it's a lot like most of the commercial-creative arts ... it's probably a lot harder than it looks to make it look easy.

Wintry Mix is one that has always made it look easy.  Natural.  Like butter on a piece of Red Hen toast with a side of blueberry jam.

While Wintry Mix took a brief hiatus last winter while life got in the way, it's fortunately back ... with a new crowdsourced content formula.  So far, I've really enjoyed it.  Not just because I like listening to other people's random thoughts about winter in Vermont, but also because it gets me thinking about cool sounds and conversations that would be fun to send in.  Maybe soon.