One less car

On my ride to work, streams of cars pass me every day, each with a single occupant. Dozen after dozen. After dozen.

Three dollars for a gallon of gas. Four weels. Six seats. One person.

Sometimes that person is in a rush. Sometimes, they're taking it slow with the window open and stereo blaring. And sometimes, they get angry at me. A sluggish cruiser moving less than 5 miles an hour that forces them to veer ever so slightly. They gun their engines as they pass me as a warning. They are inconvenienced, after all, and far more powerful than a guy on a yellow bike. And when you’re alone in a car, late for a meeting perhaps, a petty offense can easily grow into a major affront.

We are all at worst when we are alone in a car. Myself included. Behind the wheel, I do things without a second thought that I would never do on foot, or in a crowd.

I recognize that riding my bike won't change the world. But when I ride to work, I like knowing that I’m actually doing something, and that someday I’ll be able to sit down with my grown children, look them in the eye, and say with all honesty that I tried. I really tried.

Honestly, I don't feel like a better man for commuting on my bike. But i do feel better.

LINK: "Costs don’t stop drivers from going it alone "


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    It's not that you're on a bike...it's that bike.....

  2. couldnt agree more...after 1 year of cycling/running to work, i swear people swerve at me on purpose! it won't deter me from flyin by foot. stay strong! cheers!