Wicked Outdoorsy 2.0

Let me tell you a little bit about Wicked Outdoorsy. It's a big deal. A really big deal. In fact, if your brand doesn't have a Wicked Outdoorsy strategy, you should probably stop reading this right now. You're toast.

Wicked Outdoorsy is where it's all headed. Wicked Outdoorsy is the new Wicked Outdoorsy, and provides clear solutions to your Wicked Outdoorsy needs. Someday, everything will be Wicked Outdoorsy. Wicked Outdoorsy is wonderful. Lots of people love Wicked Outdoorsy. We can see why.

According to Wicked Outdoorsy experts, Wicked Outdoorsy is consistently ranked as the most important criteria for to success in Wicked Outdoorsy. Wicked Outdoorsy is essential to your Wicked Outdoorsy plans because Wicked Outdoorsy provides an unfiltered menthol cigarette of pure engagement to others that are Wicked Outdoorsy.

As many incredibly Wicked Outdoorsy people have said ... Wicked Outdoorsy is a conversation about Wicked Outdoorsy. Wicked Outdoorsy engages others who are Wicked Outdoorsy, and Wicked Outdoorsy is transparently Wicked Outdoorsy.

Wicked Outdoorsy provides Wicked Outdoorsy consulting, mainly because we're committed to being Wicked Outdoorsy ourselves. But make no mistake about it ... we also see it as a responsibility to help other brands and individuals overcome their sort of depressing lack of Wicked Outdoorsyness to become better Wicked Outdoorsy people.

Our services at Wicked Outdoorsy are cutting edge, innovative, and 100% Wicked Outdoorsy, including:

* Wicked Outdoorsy strategy: our Wicked Outdoorsy experts will design a coordinated plan of Wicked Outdoorsy tactics that are guaranteed to keep your brand at the forefront of the Wicked Outdoorsy movement. We are the undisputed experts in Wicked Outdoorsy (just ask anyone that's Wicked Outdoorsy) so you'd have to be a bit of a dolt to not hire us immediately.

* Wicked Outdoorsy monitoring: through a proprietary Wicked Outdoorsy application, we will evaluate your Wicked Outdoorsy attributes and keep tabs on how your brand is being portrayed within the Wicked Outdoorsy community. If I tell you how we do this, I'd have to kill you. But trust me, the results are pure Wicked Outdoorsy.

* Wicked Outdoorsy news release service: Wicked Outdoorsy's proprietary-conceptual-hydrophilic formatting is capable of miraculously transforming any traditional news release into one that is unmistakably, unrepentantly, and uncompromisingly Wicked Outdoorsy (Also known as Wicked Outdoorsy 2.0).

Wicked Outdoorsy is the most important Wicked Outdoorsy thing that you'll do this year.

Your Wicked Outdoorsy is counting on it.


  1. Unfettered Carnivore9:06 PM

    Let's see...you posted this at 4:24. Hmm.
    I do like that you are uncompromising about being wicked outdoorsy. I like that a lot.

  2. Oh, the humility... ;-)

  3. Dear Sirs?
    We are very much wondering can we make with the Wicked Outdoorsy movement a plan for financial profit and unmitigated greed? We have no Outdoorsy-ness and do not wish to behind the trend of said opportunity fall; if we can have one moment to seek information as to the Principles Outdoorsy Wickedness thereof, much can be made, perhaps of this, moment, now.
    With chuckling,