Everyone knows it's windy

I was here, once. So long ago, it seems like a dream.

Dripping with history at every turn, Mont Saint-Michel is a spectacular intersection of human history and the natural landscape, and is a top destination for pixel burning touristes. Unless, of course, you need to photoshop out a trio of proposed wind turbines.

According to Treehugger, three 99m turbines have been proposed in a town about 7 miles away. Also according to Treehugger, UNESCO -- the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -- has opposed the development because of Mont Saint Michel's listing as a World Heritage Site, and wants to keep the 25 mile view from the city pristine as well.

To be sure, opposition of energy installations is going way off-brand for UNESCO, whose primary global priorities are Africa and Gender Equality, and whose overarching mission is to "contribute to the building of peace."

On the other hand, in the growing battle between "anywhere, anytime" and "not here, not now, not ever" ... this is a new and important development. How close is close enough to a visual, cultural and natural gem?

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