E = PV(A-B)

As egg sandwiches go, so goeth the community.

A surge in construction or a an increase in tourism traffic?   Unbridled optimism or quantitatively eased pessimism?    Check that egg croissant.

While the current egg sandwich volume in Vermont's Mad River Valley is not currently available, we can effort to extrapolate the health of the egg sandwich marketplace (and the related health of the community) through evaluation of median egg sandwich quality as well as independent scoring of pinnacle performers.    

To determine valley-wide economic health ("E"), by this metric, consider:

E = PV(A-B), in that

E = Community economic health
P =  Best egg sandwich score
V =  Number of pre-made sandwiches available at 7 am on Friday at VG+IGS
A =  Average breakfast sandwich score
B =  Benchhmark score (50 , see below.)

To evaluate and determine the optimal egg sandwich in the Mad River Valley, we will conduct an unbiased ongoing rating effort, spread throughout the fall.    Several variables have been set, including:

Geography:  For the sake of this discussion, we are including Waitsfield, Warren, Fayston and Moretown.    Ski areas definitely count (otherwise Fayston would be a punchline here.  Again).    

Benchmark:   The standard upon which other sandwiches shall be measured is a home-made fried-egg served with a piece of bacon on a buttered Thomas english muffin.    In addition to flavor and content, the size of this sandwich is a relevant benchmark as well:   egg sandwiches considered in this evaluation should be as manageable/portable as the benchmark, otherwise deductions will occur.   The benchmark sandwich shall be considered to have a standard score of 50 (out of 100).    

Fresh-made vs. Grab-and-go:    To ensure the fairest and most accurate rankings, we are dividing sandwiches into two primary categories.    "Fresh-made" refers to sandwiches that are assembled upon order.    "Grab-and-go" refers to sandwiches that have been pre-assembled, and may be grabbed and eaten immediately.

Required elements:   One egg.  Two pieces of bread.

Additional elements:     All will be considered, but only as part of a standard menu offering.   For example, a non-traditional substitution -- while tasty -- makes the entry invalid.

Cost:   Entries will not be limited based on price.   However the price-value relationship of the egg sandwich will certainly be factored into the final score.

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  1. Drew, I'm assuming that P is a statistical distribution function that looks at not only the peak egg sandwich score, but the overall quality of egg sandwiches. Just one good sandwich can drive the function, but many good sandwiches is a more relevant measure. The peak to average ratio might be a simple way to improve it without resorting to complex polynomials