Remembering Carl

I'm not sure how things like this work. Maybe I saw a link somewhere, or a mention buried in text on my reader program, but I don't think so.

His face just came to mind.

Two years ago, two weeks ago, Carl Skoog died. He was a great guy. A nice guy. And a ski mountaineer in the truest sense ... his picture should be next to the definition in the dictionary.

Carl's biggest weakness was that he made it look easy. Notching yet another ski traverse of the North Cascades? No big deal. No drama. Just another day at the office.

Seeing him at the occasional trade show, he always looked as if he'd just received an hourlong massage (except for the bathrobe, of course). He'd be mellow, smiling, and totally open to any conversation.

And looking back through some of his photography ... crisp, landscape-dominated imagery that let the earth speak for itself ... it's painful to wonder what we missed.

LINK Carl Skoog: 1959-2005

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