OR-SIA 2011: I is for Insomnia

My first appointment is at 8:30 am. Sweet. That means if I fall asleep in the next 10 minutes I'll sleep for 9 hours and be totally rested for a huge day.

Did I sync my google calendar to my iphone? Pretty sure I did. Even if I didn't, there's plenty of time in the morning to check on that.

Mental note. Don't forget to sync calendars.

What time is my wake up call?

Maybe I should set my phone alarm as well.

I like it to be cool when I fall asleep.

Why isn't the air conditioner working?

It's certainly making enough noise.

Mental note: Bitch about the AC to the manager.

I bet I'm dehydrated already.

The water here makes me suspicious.

Paranoid, dude. Chill out.

I hope I'm not touching the bedspread.

This mattress smells like Lysol.

I think it's Lysol, anyway. Might be something stronger.


Mental note: Bring pajamas next time.

Where the hell was Moulton today?

Pretty sure I confirmed that.

Did I?

I should turn my phone off.

If I fall asleep in the next half hour, I can sleep for a solid 7 hours and be totally rested for a huge day. That's pretty good.

Why did I order shellfish in Utah?

What an idiot.

If I go to the emergency room, I totally deserve it.

My body weight will probably take care of it.


It's amazing that I can't stay awake until 10 pm at home, but can't fall asleep before 2 am on the road.

Hello, Mr. Benadryl.

There it is.


Feeling drowsy.

OK. Stop thinking about the drowsiness. That's a sure way to not fall asleep.

Just let it happen.

If I fall asleep in the next hour, I'll still get a solid 5 hours.

I can live with that.

These shows are like one long day with a bunch of shitty naps in the middle.

That's funny. I should tweet that.

Is Starbucks open yet?

Mental note: Get a stronger prescription.

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  1. This is excellent and exactly what it is like for me nearly every night. I was looking for some images to post on my G+ stream when I realized they were coming from your blog post, so I checked it out & decided sharing the original post would work better than uploading the images to type my own crap about it, so thanks for this, shared it all over including tumblr (manually, wish blogger had a tumblr share button too). I sure could use about a week's sleep to catch up, lol :)